About Us


GV PET`S is one of the leading pet care providers in the city of Chennai. We specialize in providing end to end customers centric pet care solutions. Our solutions ensure you the physical and the emotional well being of pets have been taken care of. Pets have now days become a part & parcel of life i.e. Indispensable, so it is our duty to make them happier, and we have thinking of innovative ways for the past 10 years in order to make them happier. Our lifestyle solutions ensure that your pet receives nothing less than the best.

We are for pets, and the experts on whom you can rely open for your dogs, cats, birds, fishes, rodents and reptiles. Our services are custom designed for each & every animal based on the pet parents requirements & we dont induce our solutions.

We are a professional and ethically managed organization . We aim to be the first and the last in pet care governed and guided by our own ethical policies & procedures.